Monday, December 14, 2009

Is the Philippines ready for an Automated Election on May 10, 2010?

What 5 simple human errors could end up your candidacy even before the votes are cast in May 2010?

What dirty tricks your opponent could commit against your candidacy?

What is the transmission gap?

How could someone exploit it?

How do you detect ballot fraud during initialization of PCOS?

Are the candidates prepared to win the Automated Elections?

or are they prepared to fail?

Do you think you know enough about the Automated Elections?

Think again!

If you fail to prepare….

You're prepared to fail…

Wise up...

Be prepared...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

ACPI joins three Korean trade fairs

From left to right: Carlo Simpao and Kemuel Lazalita of Entheos IT, Inc., Michael Kho Lim of Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc., Mikhail Torres of Eacomm Corporation, Del Monoy of Immersive Animation, Benjo Tinsay of Glow Animation, Nestor Palabrica of TOEI Animation Philippines, Erwin Escubio of Cutting Edge Productions, Inc., Benny Quilatan of Evershine Animation Studio, and Benjie Marasigan of De La Salle-College of St. Benilde

The Animation Council of the Philippines, Inc. (ACPI) is participating in three of Korea’s international entertainment and content trade fairs, namely, Asia Contents and Entertainment (ACE) Fair in Gwangju, Broadcast Worldwide (BCWW) and Creative Content Global Network (CCGN) in Seoul.

ACE Fair is an annual global event that gathers the cultural contents industry of different countries to buy, sell, finance, license and distribute cultural contents across all platforms. It is one of the largest trade markets in Asia that offers excellent opportunities to showcase cultural contents to Asia’s key decision makers. This year’s fair is held at the Kimdaejung Convention Center from September 3 to 6.

ACE Fair is also designated to serve as a stage upon which creative energies of Asians in the sphere of arts and culture can lead to a source of new creativity and mutual inspiration. And it will play an important role in the creation, distribution, and commercialization of a wide variety of cultures. Over time, ACE Fair has built a global network by signing ten Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with FILMART in Hong Kong, and similar cultural contents exhibition in Japan, China, Macao, UAE, etc.

In particular, it has become the first cultural content exhibition certified by the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI) in Korea on June 22. Over 200 companies in game, character, and animation industries, and more than 100 buyers from overseas are expected to take part in this year's event sponsored by the Gwangju metropolitan city government and the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.

Now on its fourth year, the fair is composed of broadcasting and video center, CGI animation center, game character licensing center, new media center, and the Gwangju “dream center.” All these will serve as valuable opportunities for local businesses to witness the latest global trend of cultural contents.

On the sidelines of the fair will be academic symposia that include cultural contents technology seminar, global game industry development forum, and new media development conference, which will all provide an opportunity to share up-to-date information with international experts.

In addition, Global Cultural Contents Export Plaza, an export consultative meeting co-hosted by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) and the Kimdaejung Convention Center, will be attended by famous American animation producers and distributors including Spoken World and Animated Family Films.

Also planned are various exhibitions and events such as the 2nd National Youth Broadcasting Contents Production competition, the 3rd International Character Design Project, and National e-Sports Matches. The event is garnering much attention from global cultural contents companies, as it is expected to offer consulting services on export and import, co-production, and investment.

ACE Fair is one of the core projects of Hub City of Asian Culture Project (HCAC Project) administered by the national government of Korea. The project aims to forge cultural ties and establish a forum of exchange with the various countries of Asia, and enhance the overall quality of life of the Asian community by transforming Gwangju into a culture city of novel concepts. The project aspires to see the creation of a forum where all Asians can share and exchange the precious cultural assets of the continent.

On the other hand, BCWW is the prestigious annual tradeshow on broadcasting content for developers, distributors, buyers, sellers, producers and investors. The tradeshow boasts of a bustling content market featuring programs from all parts of the world and an insightful convergence-themed forum that brings some of the most influential key players and consumers from the broadcasting and new media industries alike.

Started in 2001, BCWW 2009 is on its ninth annual celebration, held from 10 to 12 September at the Convention and Exhibition (COEX) Center in Seoul. Since 2001, BCWW has been dubbed as the “must-attend” show in the broadcasting content business of Asia to obtain the latest information and business opportunities. The keen interest and passionate feedback from all the participants every year ensures that this year will be no exception.

Member companies that are participating in ACE Fair and BCWW include Cutting Edge Productions, De La Salle-College of St. Benilde, Eacomm Corporation, Entheos IT, Inc., Evershine Animation Studio, Glow Animation, Immersive Animation, Inc., Interactive Art Services, and TOEI Animation Philippines.

Lastly, the Creative Content Global Network (CCGN) Project 2009 aims to promote exchange and collaboration of ideas, training programs, project leads and human resources around cultural content, to redefine and cultivate the identity and values of Asian creative contents, and ultimately lead to multi-party partnership and development of collaborative contents among the member countries.

Hosted by Korea’a Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the project also hopes to broaden the participants’ view about the cultural (creative) content industry, and make an opportunity to encourage business partnership and strengthen collaboration between nations or corporations. Top Peg Animation and Creative Studio, Inc. will be participating in this event.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trekking Mt. Talinis

View Mt. Talinis Route in a larger map

It's time to unwind! I am a bit excited for tomorrow because I will be in my most exciting adventure experience of my life this year... me and my office buddies are going to trek Mt. Talinis! This is a great way to get away from all the technological hype and pressures from work. Only the fearless and the strong shall survive the challenges of trail hiking and enjoy breath taking views from the mountain top.

Suggested Itinerary

4:30 am - Departure to Dauin Terminal
6:00 am - Bediao (Jump Off)
10:00 am - ridge/bridge (early lunch)
12:00 am - Lake Yagumyum (rest)
12:30 am - Depart
3:00 pm - Lake Nakilig, 1st camp site set up tent rest prepare for dinner
7:00 pm - dinner/socials
12 midnight - lights off


5:00 - 6:00 am - Prepare for breakfast
6:30 - 8:30 am - Breakfast
8:30 am - Break Camp
11:00am - Sulfur vent
11:30 am - Rancho
12:00 noon - Twin falls (lunch)
3:00 pm - back to ranch, set up tent
5:00 pm Prepare for dinner
7:00 pm - dinner/socials


5:00 am - Breakfast
8:00 am - Break camp
9:00 am - Banica Pool
12noon - Lunch trail
2:00 pm - ETA Valencia
2:30 pm - ETA Dumaguete

Here are some information about Mt. Talinis taken from

Mount Talinis, also known as the Cuernos de Negros (Horns of Negros), is a mountain in the Philippine province of Negros Oriental. At about 1,903 meters[1][2] (5905 feet) above sea level, it is the second highest mountain in Negros Oriental after Mt Kanla-on. Cuernos de Negros is a potentially active stratovolcano, with a base diameter of 36 kilometres, and has many volcanic lakes and solfataric or volcanic sulfurous steam vents. Main rock types are andesite and basalt. It is located 9 kilometers southwest of Valencia, Negros Oriental, forming part of the Negros Volcanic Belt.


The region of Mt. Talinis has incredible biodiversity that is being threatened by illegal logging and "kaingin." The lakes around Mt. Talinis are rich in puny freshwater shrimp and snail, carp and tilapia species, and its forest system is home to endemic and rare wildlife. There are 91 tree species, 18 of which are commercially important, including Alphonsea arborea, Elaeocarpus monocera, Pometia pinnata, and Phyllocladus hypophyllus and Tigerwood. Other notable flora includes wild orchids, edible berries and, broad-leafed tree ferns.

Common fauna include boars, civets, chickens, pigeons, monkeys, sunbirds, monitor lizards, Bar-bellied Cuckoo-shrikes, polka-dotted Leopard cats, and the brown weaver ant. Some of the endangered and rare animals are Tarictic Hornbills, Philippine Spotted Deers, Visayan Warty Pigs, Philippine Tube-nosed Fruit Bats, and Negros Bleeding-hearts.[3]