Saturday, August 06, 2011

Windows Phone “Mango” – Released to Manufacturing

Seriously?  Who would have thought about "Windows Phone Mango", no one else but Microsoft!  Indeed, this is a great milestone for Microsoft and a big threat to the rival Apple iPhone.

Elegant Start Screen

The first time you pick up your Mango Phone you will surely know how to use it right away.  I love the elegant Home Screen interface.  Icons are numbered in random order so that you won't get confused. 2 for Phone, 3 for Messaging and 9 for linked inbox?

Intuitive SMS

It allows you to do instant messaging between SMS and Facebook and vice versa.  Fonts for the names are huge that they won't fit the screen!

Internet Explorer 9

Guess what?  It is also bundled with the most popular web browser Internet Explorer 9 with HTML 5 support!  It's browser full screen feature is just soothing to the eyes.  The address bar below makes it easier and faster to switch between different URLs since it is closer to your fingers.  That is the main reason it was moved below!

Interactive Bing Maps

Looking for A Store?  Apple Store perhaps?  Bing Maps has all the interactive features and gives you great user experience google maps never had!

Mango Phone is the official party phone of Microsoft.  Comes in mint green and yellow.  You rock Microsoft!