Sunday, May 20, 2007

Café Antonio: best coffee shop in town.

Last Thursday night, Joel treated out the team for dinner(thanks Joel!). With us were Victor, Jan Mark and Jerol(a new member of the team). It wasn't really planned, it was just a spontaneous thing which happens frequently. We went to our favorite 24 hour food house, "Qyosko", which means kiosk. The guys ordered the all-time favorite "pork belly sizzler", Jan Mark ordered chicken and Jerol chosilog! I ate a late snack and was still full so I ordered an ice-cold san miguel beer light instead. We had a little chit chat for an hour, talking about non-sense actually and all those weird-geeky tech jokes. We really had fun. Vic has this habit of moving from one place to another, so he said that we go out and drink coffee some place else.

We went to Café Antonio, the best coffee shop in town, they serve a whole lot of varieties and has a very nice setting which places Starbucks into shame, as our kahuna friends Chris and DJ puts it. Well it has indeed a very nice Spanish style interior design and furniture equipped with Wireless Internet access. You have to buy a prepaid card to gain Internet access but all yahoo and google site access are free. Vic couldn't resist so he stuck out his Mac Book and logged on the net.

Me, Joel, Victor and Jan Mark. Too bad Jerol had to leave early.

Vic and Jan Mark ordered Raspberry Mocha, Joel and I got Coffee Latté.
So we stayed there for an hour and continued the senseless talks and jokes then headed back home.

heading back home


Belly Jiggler said...

oooh Rasberry latte! Starbuck cannot compare to this place! =)
Please have a cup for your kahuna friends!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Post more stuff! hahah

fruityoaty said...

Wow, that place is oozing ambience... Nice!

Yup, hanging our with your friends... coffee... laughter, good conversation and food... GOOD TIMES. :D