Monday, May 14, 2007

How Clean is the 2007 Philippine Elections?

How Clean is the Philippine Election?

After the "Hello Garci" controversy during the last presidential election, I think many of the Filipinos has lost their trust in the Philippine political system. Everyone involved got away, some even ran for public office. More actors and famous sports icons are running for top seats in government and they way it looks to me they have high chances of winning. What are their true intentions? Is it really for public service?

Politicians running for top positions are spending millions for campaign materials. Some even go to the extent of cheating or killing their political rivals. And how much salary are they getting? Between 35 - 50 thousand pesos? Aren't these actors and sports icons earning more than this? I'm no mathematician, but I think nothing really makes sense.

Well in spite of all my murmurings, I still went to my voting precinct to cast my vote. All I can hope for at this point is for all the politicians and their supporters is for a "clean" election. When I say clean, it means literally clean up their mess - posters and other election materials! :)

Vote Wisely!

Click here to see what happened after 3 days!

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jette said...


oo nga, these politicians should head clean-ups after the elections. sana pati life nila i-clean up nila. hahaha!!!


~ jette